Terms of Business

To commission a guitar please contact me to discuss your requirements. A waiting period for a new guitar is inevitable. However, I will be able to give an approximate completion date on enquiry. Occasionally I have a guitar in stock.

A non-refundable deposit of GBP 500 is payable in advance to secure any order.

An approximate delivery date will be fixed at the time of the order.

Specifications to be agreed in general in advance at time of order but many of these can be changed at any time until construction has begun. Some changes may result in additional costs.

In order for construction of the guitar to begin, the second advance payment equal to one third of the remaining balance will be requested, to be paid prior to construction beginning. Final payment will be requested 3 weeks before the instrument is due to be completed and prior to delivery.

Price quoted will include a Hiscox case.


All banking information will be provided with each invoice. Payment is taken either by electronic bank transfer or PayPal. A 5% surcharge is made for payments via PayPal to cover fees.

Any bank/conversion charges for payments made in a foreign currency must be paid for by the purchaser at originating bank. All items remain the property of Christopher Dean until paid for in full.


Shipping is not included in the price and will be charged at cost - We use FedEx, DHL or Parcelforce, and we will find the best service appropriate to your requirements. Price will include a CITES permit, or an Article 10 permit, if needed. (Applicable to Brazilian Rosewood mainly).

For exports to the USA, the price includes the paperwork for the 'Lacey Declaration' also.

CITES: New Cites Regulations, especially pertaining to ALL rosewood species, were introduced in January, 2017, and you can see the full extent by following this link, CITES REGULATIONS . Please check with your own countries' CITES regulatory body, to be sure they agree with the terms, as each country can vary the terms on an individual basis. Please note this regulation is enforced worldwide and attempting to import without the necessary documentation will result in your guitar being impounded. In this event, Dean Guitars cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.


Guitars are relatively fragile and prone to accidental damage, ensure you read our ‘Guitar Care’ notes supplied with every guitar. Some woods such as Brazilian rosewoods, Ziricote and Cocobolo used for some guitar bodies, commonly have surface cracks or ‘checks’. Although barely visible initially, it is normal and sometimes unavoidable that these become more noticeable or may open over time. This is the nature of this material and making good of such movement is not covered by guarantee.

Damage due to exposure to liquids, moisture, heat, sunlight, radiation, pressure, fair wear and tear and damage caused by misuse or accident whilst in the possession or care of the customer are excluded. Replacement of consumables such as strings is excluded. Any cracks, splits, shrinkage and opening of joints caused by environmental changes and extremes of temperature or humidity whilst in the possession or care of the customer, are specifically excluded. Customers are advised to use a good quality hygrometer to monitor humidity levels of the environment in which guitars are kept. Dean Guitars will not accept responsibility for any damage or fault arising from incorrect storage or use.

May 2018